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    I would like to put a different iframe field on every website. I have created a custom field but when I choose text area or other field looks like on the attachment after the <script> rest oh the code is visible on frontend website.

    When I choose custom HTML the field is not available screenshot also in the attachment.


    <div id="salesmanago-Iframe_e6f9b551-ca43-4b16-a9e6-2d4f9c95be1e"></div>
    (function() {
    var smIframeParentElem = document.getElementById("salesmanago-Iframe_e6f9b551-ca43-4b16-a9e6-2d4f9c95be1e");
    var smIframeElem = document.createElement("iframe");
    smIframeElem.src = "" + + '"'; = "0"; = "0";
    smIframeElem.width = "500";
    smIframeElem.height = "650"; = "hidden"; = "hidden"; = "100%"; = "transparent"; = "none";

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Artur,

    The field custom_html does not save the value in the database, so the helper function rwmb_meta() won't render the code on the frontend. You can use the field textarea or wysiwyg and bypass the sanitization to add any HTML tags. Refer to this documentation

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