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    Resolved Wolfgang

    i have the following problem:
    my permalink structure is like I have a CPT called jobs. I want to change my CPT permalink structure to, but only the structure of the CPT. Would that be possible with Meta Box? I found a few tutorials online, but maybe it would be a cool feature if you could include it, you already have "custom rewrite slug", would be cool if i could just add there my permalink strucutre for that certain post type.

    Is there any way to easily achieve that?! I'm not very familiar with writing code at all.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for reaching out.

    The default permalink structure of a CPT as your expectation

    The option Custom rewrite slug helps you to change the CPT slug to another one like this

    Remember to re-save the permalink settings after changing the post type settings.


    I'm not sure if I got you right!

    Regarding to your description I can only change (in my example) the CPT-Slug job to lets say job-offer?

    So if I have it would change to right?
    What I am looking for is to change the permalink structure from %postname% to %post_id% but only for that specific CPT.
    So my link would look like
    I didn't manage to do that. The screenshot is showing what I'm trying to achieve in the CPT-Settings

    Long Nguyen


    I'm afraid it is not possible with the plugin MB Custom Post Type. You can try to use a third-party plugin to create a custom permalink for a specific post type

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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