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    Resolved Igor Gouvêa


    1 - I created a type of post (manpower) and in the supportes tab I marked only revisions.

    2 - In it I insert a custom text type field (description).

    3 - I created a type of post (labor diary).

    4 - In it I insert a personalized field (manpower) of the Post type, of the Post type manpower.

    The problem is that it has the text "automatic draft". From the title field that I did not enable in step 1.

    How do I get him the description field, which I created in step 2?

    I would also like to bring the type-of-work taxonomy that is linked to the type of post created in step 1. Is it possible?

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    Long Nguyen


    The field post will take the post title to show on the list so if you do not enable Supports > Title, the list will show text Auto Draft as the temporary post title. You should enable the Title for the post type ManPower to select post easier.

    If you want to show the field value assigned to the post type ManPower on the frontend of the post type Labor Diary, I recommend using the extension MB Relationships Do the same with the custom taxonomy of the post type ManPower.

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