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    Hello, i have a hierarchical custom taxonomy ( State -> City -> neighborhood)

    So I need my user select it using a dependece select but for default wordpress taxonomy selector enable checkbox in the right side bar, this checkbox permit choise multiple options.

    I need select tree taxonomy in this side bar is it possible?

    If no is posiblle, can i use metabox to permit the user select tree but it automatically refill the taxonomy check box ( i can hide this selector with css to disable that user can edit manually)

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    Hello any new about this?

    Anh Tran


    Select tree is exactly what you need.


    Can I use Select tree for select Taxonomy in a custom post type? I can't see this option, i just see the select tree when i insert the taxonomy in a custom field


    I have found the solution. I was using the advanced taxonomy, this save a custom field, however the "taxonomy" field no

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