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    I was working on a larger form with 6 tabs, columns, and a few conditionals posting to a custom table. I added some custom_html fields to help with spacing. After I did, I wasn't able to save ANY data.

    I started commenting out fields and sections until I got it to start saving again. There were a couple culprits for my install. If I put the custom_html field, nothing would save. I worked my way down the form. I had to comment out all the custom_html and almost all of the heading fields. I've made some CSS changes to work around the spacing. I still need a couple headings, but I will look at other workarounds for the time being.

    I tried this on two separate installs. One as a multisite and the other is brand new install with nothing else. This appears to be a bug. I've not dug in the code to troubleshoot yet.

    I can post the code, but it is fairly large.


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    Anh Tran

    Hi Todd,

    What is the content of the custom_html field? Do you output non-well-formatted HTML?

    The tabs and columns heavily depends on the HTML structure of fields. Especially $field['before'] and $field['after'] which are used to create columns. If your fields have something like that, please check it.

    If the problem still occurs, please post your code to or and give me the link here.

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