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Support MB Settings Page Customizer Draft/Schedule Does not work with MB Settings Values

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    Resolved Paul Wenzel

    I've noticed that when creating a draft or schedule change in the customizer, the settings created using MB Settings do NOT pull through.

    They seem to be saving in the database as part of the customizer JSON data, however they do not update or show on draft preview.

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    Long Nguyen

    We've just released the new version 1.11.17 of the extension MB AIO which solves this issue. Please update the extension MB AIO.

    Jeremy Sinon

    This is still not working, even on AIO 1.11.17. If I save custom settings in a Customizer Draft, and attempt to use a preview link (https://website.test/?customize_changeset_uuid=4c898584-b172-45e9-9f3d-977e26c9349d) the changes are NOT showing up.

    Paul Wenzel

    Hi, I performed some additional tests with MB Settings 2.12.

    Here's what I found working and not working with Customizer Drafts created with MB Settings:

    1. Saving colors as a draft works. For example, I set our theme's navigation colors to all red.
    2. Sharing my newly drafted colors via the preview link also works. I tested the "Share Preview Link" in Chrome Incognito and saw my drafted red navigation colors.


    If you close the Customizer and return, your drafted settings no longer appear and you have to recreate them.

    I also tried returning to the Customizer when logged in via the shared preview link, but the drafted changes still appeared lost in the admin UI.

    We are using Meta Box AIO 1.11.18, MB Settings 2.12, and Meta Box 5.3.3.

    Let me know if I need to instantiate our settings page with any special options, or if this is a bug.


    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for pointing this out.

    Luckily, the Share Preview Link still saves the value and displays it correctly. I'm going to discuss with the developer team to cover this case.

Viewing 4 replies - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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