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    Resolved Philip Faderl

    Hi everyone!
    I'm started using MB some weeks ago and am facing currently the following issue:

    I'm using a frontend submission form (which works perfectly fine) for a custom post type and wanted to display a dashboard where users can edit and delete their posts. However: the dashboard seems to ignore the custom post type. I tried several page IDs in the shortcode, but either just the usual posts of my blog are displayed, or none at all. I was playing around with some other attributes within both shortcodes (like post_type) but nothing helped...

    My Shortcodes as they currently are:
    [mb_frontend_form id='gleichgesinnte' post_type="29132" confirmation="Vielen Dank! Dein Formular wurde abgeschickt und Deine Anzeige wurde kreiiert. Wenn Du noch weitere Fragen hast, schicke mir gerne eine Mail (siehe unten auf der Homepage). Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße, Philip" edit="true" allow_delete="true"]
    [mb_frontend_dashboard id='gleichgesinnte' edit_page="28970"]

    I think the problem is quite similar to this problem, however when the ID is set on the page where the form is submitted, my usual blog posts are displayed (in admin - others did not contribute).

    Would be amazing if you could help!

    Best regards from Germany,

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Philip,

    If you are using the builder to create the custom post type, the post type slug should be a string instead of all numbers like this 29132, I think. Can you please share some screenshots of your post type slug?

    Philip Faderl

    Hi! I jumped back and forth in regards to that and tried different (strings, numbers) solutions. I tried again with the slug (gleichgesinnte), but doesn't work either way.. I don't exactly understand exactly what my screenshot should show? It would be great if you could specify!
    Best regards!

    Long Nguyen


    You can see the post type slug in the URL, screenshot

    then the frontend submission shortcode should be

    [mb_frontend_form post_fields='title,content' post_type='job']

    Philip Faderl

    It seems like I have found the mistake! I wasn't aware that post type is not the same as id. So I had the same value for both. I changed the posttype now and now it works fine! 🙂

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