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    Resolved Thibaut

    Let me write here as you closed previous thread as solved.

    Since the last recent update, I have the following error message:

    "Something is not right with the shortcode on page ID: "

    my shortcode is: [mb_frontend_dashboard edit_page="43" post_type="book"] where 43 is the code for the page of my frontend form which also has the post_type="book" in the shortcode.

    Where does the issue is? (using oxygen...)

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    Long Nguyen


    As my reply on the ticket system. The frontend shortcode does not work in the Oxygen Builder. You can deactivate this plugin and use the shortcode in the WordPress editor to re-check the issue.


    Obviously it doesn't work, otherwise we will not be discussing. What you mentioned is that you would pass it to the development team... then we got this update and I got a different error message hence my message.


    Is there another way to create a frontend dashboard? I am just here to find solutions...

    Long Nguyen


    You can try to use some plugin support frontend posts like WP User Frontend or Frontend Publishing Pro.


    thanks, basically, with these plugins I almost have to recreate everything therefore Metabox is not useful anymore. This is not what I want. Do you have a Metabox solution?

    Hope that Oxygen integration is coming VERY soon.


    I'm having the same issue but am using Divi theme instead of Oxygen. If the theme is the issue, then can we have a list of themes with this problem?


    I have the same issue as well, but using Bricks.

    Also tried using Gutenberg to add the shortcode, but get the same error.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi guys,

    Just to clarify that the attribute post_type needs to add to the shortcode frontend submission, not the shortcode frontend dashboard.

    [mb_frontend_form id="meta-box-id" post_fields="title,content" post_type="cpt-slug"]

    Tron Buck

    Hi there!

    I am very confused with your last explanation.
    In your doc page:
    You say...

    User Posts Dashboard
    To let users view and edit their submitted posts, just create a normal WordPress page, and insert the following shortcode into the page content:

    [mb_frontend_dashboard edit_page="124"]

    Shortcode attributes

    Attributes Description
    edit_page The ID of the page, where users can submit posts.
    post_type The post type to be shown (default: post)

    I am not using any builder, just the twentyone theme and I have the same problem as Thibaut.
    When using the shortcode without post_type argument, only post are listed.
    Using post_type="cpt-slug" nothing are listed.

    Please, check it and clarify.
    Thank you.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Tron,

    Let me explain two shortcodes. For example, I have a post type with the slug manpower

    • On the frontend submit page ID = 1867, the shortcode should be

    [mb_frontend_form post_fields="title,content" post_type="manpower"]

    • On the frontend dashboard page, the shortcode should be. The post_type attribute does not need to add to this shortcode.

    [mb_frontend_dashboard edit_page="1867"]

    Screen record https://share.getcloudapp.com/yAurKdQp

    Tron Buck

    Hi Long.

    Now it works!
    But let me say the documentation is not very clear in this point.
    For the [mb_frontend_form id="meta-box-id" post_fields="title,content"] shortcode attibutes you say:

    post_type The submitted post type. Optional. Default is the first post type defined in the meta box. If meta box is made for multiple post types, you should set this attribute to the correct one.

    I was supposing post_type attribute was not needed as it was defined in the meta box.

    Anyway, it is working now and I really appreciate your support.
    Thank you!

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