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Support General Display and manage Metabox sub plugins outside WordPress Plugin page

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    Resolved Jeremie Lahanque

    Hi, Metabox is a great tool which helpful to quickly integrate CPT in a website.

    Unfortunately, the plugin come with a large of sub plugins, and as consesquence is that in the wordpress plugin dashboard page, the high number list of Metabox sub plugins, pollute the showed informations. There are really a lot's of sub MB plugins !

    A good way would have been to integrate sub module as sub parts componnent of you MB main plugin.
    Like that, all sub module will be able to be listed inside MB main module.

    A lot's of plugin work like that (gravityform, beaver Builder, etc..).

    Do you think this feature could be implemented soon ?
    Thank for reading.

    best regards.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Jeremie,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    That's a cool idea, I will inform the development team to explore the possibility.

    Long Nguyen

    If you use the plugin MB AIO, you can manage extensions under the page Extensions. Please get more details here

    Jeremie Lahanque

    Awesome !

    AIO was developed after that i installed MB ! This is why i didn't hear about it !
    Thank you and Best regards !

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