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    Mary Anne Lavin

    I am moving old custom Post types and fields over to the Meta Box so I can use Frontend Submission and it's been going fine - you make it pretty simple! But now I am stuck at display the fields - and I am really stuck. I don't understand "rwmb_meta" and I'm having rouble with the custom templates.

    So here's where I am getting tripped up : In the old custom post ('job'), I displayed the field 'job_opportunity_type' in single-job.php this way:
    <p>job type: <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID,'job_opportunity_type', true); ?></p>

    In the MB documentation, it says "rwmb_meta" is a wrapper for "get_post_meta" but I need a bit more tutorial for this to sink it. Can you give me an example of exactly how you would get job_opportunity_type to display on a custom template (not called "single")?

    Thank you.

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    Mary Anne Lavin

    Coming back in. Still can't get this to work. I tried every variation shown in the video
    https://youtu.be/NFZE4Sxi2p4 and the values will not load. I changed themes to test; added the extension folder to my theme and registered it in functions. It has to be a stupid thing - but I cannot figure it out.

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