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    I have a load of text captured in a textarea custom field. This content includes carriage returns and is fine when seen in the textarea box in the form.

    When I place the value into some html to display it in a table in a view the carriage returns are stripped and all the text appears as a single long box.

    Basically something formatted as:
    1 - first row
    2 - second row
    3 - third row

    Displays in the form as:
    1 - first row2 - second row3 - third row

    This is the html - nothing special in there.

                    <td><strong>Any additional information</strong></td>
                    <td>{{ user.group_additional_information.further_information_area }}</td>

    Is there anything I should be doing differently to get the content to display properly?


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    Never mind. I've found style="white-space: pre-line;" which sorts it out - clearly I need more caffeine... 😉

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