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Support General Distributable and license?

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    Resolved Adam M

    I'm building a plugin that will be distributed publicly through the WordPress plugins directory. The plugin will be free, and will be used to connect to a commercial API-based service.

    I am using MB to set up that plugin's settings page.

    Your FAQ says:

    Yes, you can use plugins in your premium, commercial products...

    1. Is there a distributable library I can include in the plugin that will avoid requiring to explicitly install the MB plugin?

    The FAQ goes on to say:

    IMPORTANT: You cannot include plugins in your free products or release/deliver them in public.

    1. Given my scenario above, with the plugin itself being free, does this mean I may not use MB in my project?
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    Anh Tran

    Hi Adam,

    You can bundle our free plugins, like Meta Box, in your free plugins. Here is a guide to do it.

    You are not allowed to bundle our premium plugins into your free plugins. You can, however, use our premium plugins in your premium plugins that you sell on your website.

    In your case of using MB Settings Page extension, it's a premium extension, so you are not allowed to include it in your free plugin.

    Adam M


    That's too bad because you have the nicest field and options page builders I've used so far!


    Hi. Then MB Settings Page needed to installed. for setting pages for my theme / plugin to work?. or After building and generating the code. i can simply copy & paste it.

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