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Support MB Relationships Drag and drop order reset without consent

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    I used the drag and drop functionality to arrange the relationships in the exact order I needed them to show on the front-end. Now they have reverted back to where when they were added to the database. Where is the order stored in the db? Why would it revert back? Frontend and backend match up so I know that there is not a sort order on the frontend.

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    Anh Tran

    Hey guys,

    Thanks a lot for your tests! And sorry for the delay reply.

    You’re right about the order of existing posts. Since we upgrade the database structure, all existing posts won’t have the order. So you need to edit them once to trigger the order change. Then everything else will work as expected.

    I’ll update the plugin now 🙂

    PS: I use the master branch for developing. No dev branch at the moment.

Viewing 21 replies (of 21 total)
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