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Support MB User Profile Duplicated register forms

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    Resolved Pogeun Park

    I set up a register form like below:
    [mb_user_profile_register id="sm_register"...] with meta boxes that I registered.
    It works but the shortcode outputs the default register form AND the one that I entered in the shorcode at the same time. What may cause this?

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    Long Nguyen


    By default, the shortcode [mb_user_profile_register] displays 4 base fields to register a user: Username, Email, Password and Confirm Password. If you want to create more user meta, you can add the meta box id to the shortcode.

    For more information, please follow the documentation.

    Pogeun Park

    So there's no way I can put an extra field inline to those default fields. Right?

    Long Nguyen


    You can use the filter hook rwmb_profile_register_fields to modify default fields of the register form. Follow my sample code

    add_filter( 'rwmb_profile_register_fields', 'add_more_register_fields' );
    function add_more_register_fields( $fields ) {
        $new_fields = [
            'phonenumber'  => [
                'name'     => __( 'Phone Number', 'mb-user-profile' ),
                'id'       => 'phonenumber',
                'type'     => 'number',
        $fields = array_merge( $fields, $new_fields );
        return $fields;

    and here is the result

    For more information, please follow the documentation

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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