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Support General Fatal error in iframe

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    Resolved Greg

    The iframe src is "https://fosteringaok.org/mapsvg_sc?mapsvg_shortcode=%5Btest_shortcode%5D"

    Meta Box generates this error:

    Fatal error: Uncaught MetaBox\Dependencies\Twig\Error\LoaderError: View "mapsvg_sc" is not defined. in /wp-content/plugins/meta-box-aio/vendor/meta-box/mb-views/src/TwigLoader.php:47 Stack trace: #0 /wp-content/plugins/meta-box-aio/vendor/meta-box/mb-views/dependencies/Twig/Environment.php(261): MBViews\TwigLoader->getCacheKey('mapsvg_sc') #1 /wp-content/plugins/meta-box-aio/vendor/meta-box/mb-views/dependencies/Twig/Environment.php(309): MetaBox\Dependencies\Twig\Environment->getTemplateClass('mapsvg_sc') #2 /wp-content/plugins/meta-box-aio/vendor/meta-box/mb-views/dependencies/Twig/Environment.php(277): MetaBox\Dependencies\Twig\Environment->load('mapsvg_sc') #3 /wp-content/plugins/meta-box-aio/vendor/meta-box/mb-views/src/Renderer.php(46): MetaBox\Dependencies\Twig\Environment->render('mapsvg_sc', Array) #4 /wp-content/plugins/meta-box- in /wp-content/plugins/meta-box-aio/vendor/meta-box/mb-views/src/TwigLoader.php on line 47

    This URL is handled by another plugin. Meta Box should not be trying to render a template. The shortcode being rendered in the iframe does not use MB in any way. I saw a discussion about Twig version conflicts, but MapSVG does not use Twig.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I've informed the development team to check this case and get back to you later.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Greg,

    When adding the <iframe> tag to the View and assign your URL to src attribute, I didn't see an error message like that

    <iframe src="https://fosteringaok.org/mapsvg_sc?mapsvg_shortcode=[test_shortcode]" title="Meta Box Website"></iframe>

    Screen record https://www.loom.com/share/f6c8eab6e8f34c40953cea5236223af7

    If you are using the latest version of MB AIO 1.14.1, it is possible that the issue comes from other plugins or the theme, not MB AIO.

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