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Support MB Custom Post Type Featured image not showing in edit window

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    Resolved jimimac

    I have created a custom post type and enabled thumbnail in the options. But there's nowhere in the edit window to select a featured image for the post type. Is there another setting?

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    This seems to be a bug because it appeared after I selected and unselected thumbnail in the settings for that post type.

    Long Nguyen


    So now the featured image is working as well on your end, isn't it? It might be a caching issue when you re-save the CPT settings.

    Thomas Pinkus

    I am having the same issue.. there is NO way to add a featured image. I did try the un-check/check of the Thumbnail in "supports". I also did clear teh server cache, but that shouldn't be the issue anyway.

    Here is an image:

    Thanks for any help that comes my way!

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Thomas,

    Please make sure that the option Featured Image is checked in the Screen Options box. Screenshot

    Then follow the step Debugging Information to troubleshoot this issue

    Thomas Pinkus

    I got this to work, but it was an odd fix.

    I had HELLO theme active. I activated/switched to Twenty Twenty One theme and it the featured image element returned. Then switched back to HELLO theme and the featured image element was there.

    FYI... I only had HELLO theme installed when I added Metabox.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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