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Support Meta Box Builder Field group saved as Draft; Empty field group saved

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    Resolved pza

    I had an unfortunate incident the other day using the MB Builder plugin – which is a great plugin btw, it saves me much time as an experienced MB-using dev.

    It was a combination of 2 bugs or maybe just UI flaws.

    1) When editing a field within an existing Field Group, I intuitively hit ENTER to submit the form. The button read "Update". When doing this, the Field Group was somehow saved as a Draft.

    2) Because I've actually done this before, I did not want the fields to disappear from the frontend...

    So I rushed to click the submit button again, which now reads "Publish". However, the field data did not finish loading yet, and I published an empty Field Group, saving over my existing data – I assume, because the field group (post) ID was loaded, but not the associated field data. I saw a post in the forum here that said fields were missing, and this could be one possible explanation.

    I noticed in recent releases the MB Builder takes longer to load the fields. I'm not complaining, since I know a lot is going on. But I have some suggestions:

    • first, when hitting enter in a field group, make sure "update" is submitted. Or just disable submit-on-enter, but definitely fix the "Save as draft" problem
    • while Field Group data is loading (on edit), disable the Update/Publish button
    • this is one situation where a loading graphic/animation would help the user. It is a bit confusing even as an experienced user, when the Field Group loads blank sometimes. AND like in my case above, can lead to problems.

    Just trying to help...thanks for the great plugin.

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    Anh Tran

    Hi pza,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. These are great suggestions. I'll do that and update the extension.

    Update: the changes are added in the 3.1.0 version.

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