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Support MB Settings Page Field validation on settings page with tabs

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    Resolved SAS

    Hi there!

    I've created a settings page with multiple tabs which is working perfectly. Some of the fields are required or have other validation rules. This is also working perfectly.

    The issue i'm facing is, let's say the user has an issue on "tab 3", but saves the settings on "tab 1", the error message popups up correctly, but the user stays on "tab 1" and probably has no idea on which tab the issue is.

    Is it possible, in case of errors, to jump to the tab where the next issue is located or at least mark the tabs where issues are located. Other frameworks i've used before and i've ditched, marked the tabs containing issues with a red dot and the number of issues found on the tab, a very handy feature, probably the only thing i'm missing with MetaBox or i just don't know how to integrate it.

    Currently, in case the user made multiple issues, there is the correct error message indicating that the settings are not saved etc., but no hint where to look to fix it.

    Could this be a future feature or is it already possible and i'm just missing something?

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    Anh Tran

    Hi SAS,

    This is a future feature as the plugins don't have it yet. I think we got the same request before, but didn't track it. I'll put it in my list and will work on that as soon as I can.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and the example from other frameworks. It's really helpful.


    Thanks for considering this as a future feature!

    In some projects, we have lots of tabs and hundreds of settings and it's not very convenient to click through all tabs to look for possible issues. It would be a great improvement.

    Besides this issue (at least for me), awesome work, awesome framework! Keep up the good work!

    Anh Tran

    Hi SAS,

    This bug is fixed in version 2.1.0. Please see this blog post for details.

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