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    Hey folks,

    Sorry to reopen this thread ... but I noticed another issue that is related to this posting.

    I can get the fields to render no problem now in the archives page, but that is it. It will no render the fields data on single page, single post, or shortcode.

    Any thoughts?

    Here is a video showing what I am running into:


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    Long Nguyen


    You are using the main query in Insert Field tab > Query > Main query: Loop

    {% for post in query.posts %}
    {% endfor %}

    that means this query only applies to the type: Archive to show the list posts of the archive post type page. And it does not work for a single post or a single page.

    If you want to show a list of animal posts on a single page, you can use the custom query. Please read more here


    Hello there,

    Awww, that makes sense -- so it was me making the mistake. =)

    Thanks for your help and the solution.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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