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Support General Fields not saving

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    Resolved Topher DeRosia

    At some point in the last couple days field values have stopped saving. I can't think of anything that would do that except I upgraded to WP 5.8. I tried rolling back with no luck. I only have about 8 fields, so it doesn't seem like it should be max field count. I'm not getting anything in the error log, no errors on the front end. Other things in the item save, like title, taxonomies, and status. This is a custom post type. Where could I look to debug this?

    I'm currently running WP 5.8 and
    MB Settings Page
    Version 2.1.3

    Meta Box
    Version 5.4.6

    Meta Box Conditional Logic
    Version 1.6.14

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Topher,

    This issue is so weird. Please try to deactivate all plugins except Meta Box, MB Extensions and switch to a default theme of WordPress to re-check the issue.

    If this procedure does not help, please share the code that creates meta boxes and custom fields on the CPT page. I will try to check it on my end.

    Topher DeRosia
    Long Nguyen


    It is possible that the fields are not saved value caused by this code

    if ( empty( $_GET['post'] ) ) {

    it should be return $meta_boxes;

    You can try to remove this block of code or function casa_rejection_reasons then re-save the field value.

    Topher DeRosia

    That was exactly it! Thank you so much.

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