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Support General File database (exchange) between users.

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    I would like to create a file database that connected users only can download, upload, and classify in folders.

    What's the best method ?

    I thinked about using the frontend custom post type : One post = one 'folder' // with some custom files fields in each posts.
    Users can add files to each 'folders', and download them, and also create new folders. (but no sub-folders of course…)

    Is it a good way to do that?, how to create subfolders so ?

    Thanks for your infos.

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    Long Nguyen


    I think the "folder" should be the taxonomy and the user can upload a file or list of files in each post. You can also create "sub-folders" as well as child terms.


    Hi Thanks Long!,

    I was thinking about that too… but maybe can be more challenging to do in Oxygen builder 😉 I'll see 🙂

    The files will be saved into the wordpress Medias I guess, or it's also possible to have them saved into a local directory (in sync with taxonomy 'folder' name…) ?


    Long Nguyen


    You can use the field file to save the file uploaded in a custom folder and add a custom file name, please read more on the documentation

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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