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    Is it possible to get select_advanced to load font awesome icons so that the icons are visible in the select field. Or is there a working plugin / extension for Metabox that allows this feature?

    I have spent two days hacking a javascript work around which i have partially working but run into issues when cloning etc. Therefore, I have decided to seek help! Surely someone has already done this? i know that redux framework has a premium extension for this. (I would be happy to pay for this also)

    In the js_options for the select_advanced field (select2) there is an option called 'templateResult' or 'templateSelection' which allows you to specify a js call back function to manipulate the option field html and display icons. However it does not seem to work 🙁

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    Anh Tran


    We don't have a field for icon picker yet. I think the best way to do that is creating a new field type. It gives you more flexibility to control the data you want. Using select_advanced might be limited.


    Thankyou! I got something working and this is pretty much what I did. Created a new custom field, inherited the select_advanced class but pointed it at a slightly modified version of the select_advance javascript to do the font awesome manipulation. It was actually quite easy doing it this way =)

    Anh Tran

    Awesome! Can you share it with us? I'll add it to our Resources page.

    Fabian Mossberg

    I'm looking for exactly this! Would you mind sharing it?

    Ripal P.

    Hi Anh,
    Could you please share this how to get it done. I am not a developer so i might not be able to code but if there is step by step tutorial then i believe can do it. Or you can also share how the custom field work (you talked about earlier on this thread).

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