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    Resolved Pascal Genest

    Hi.. I just installed a fresh WP Installation, with only MB plugins (MB and FrontEnd) and a plugin that create a Custom Type. Here below is the shortcode typed, with the code used to create the custom type. The problem is : the frontend doesn't display.

    shortocde :
    [mb_frontend_form id="vxp_contacts_data" post_fields="title"] 

    code for custom Type and metabox :


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    Garth John

    @Anh Tran

    So this is what I have in my PHP file.
    echo do_shortcode( '[mb_frontend_form id="area"]' );

    and this is what I am getting back from that on the Front end.
    The PHP echoes the shortcode as a string and no form is been displayed.
    echo '[mb_frontend_form id="area"]';

    Anh Tran

    Can you send me a temporary admin account via contact form? I'll check that more closer.

    Garth John

    Hi I'm not gonna make an admin account for you the site is confidential at the moment so I'm not allowed to I have an NDA with the Client until the site is Launched.

    But I can send through images of my code and debug the process however you advise. I have my plugin active with the meta box builder which I got when I purchased the frontend Submissions extension. I also have the updater plugin which I had to add so I could enter my API key.

    I am using the HTML5_Blank theme. I'm not sure if maybe this could be part of the problem.
    My console is also clean. I have no errors on my site.

    I have also run all my code through this PHP Checker ( https://phpcodechecker.com/ ) and I have no errors. Also my forms are appearing in the back end for my custom posts I have registered and they are posting to the Database. Which means my code is working.

    It is just the front end submissions shortcode that is not working.

    I am a senior PHP developer. So feel free to use technical terms if that helps. I have control of the domain on the server as well. So if you need me to maybe adjust the memory limit or adjust something I can do that too.

    Anh Tran

    Hi Garth, can you take a video record of the admin / or code, where you setup the meta box and how you insert it in your template?

    Garth John

    Hi Anh 🙂
    I most definitely can. I will download a screen recorder and send it through thank you for your help I really appreciate it.

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