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    Resolved Nicholas Cox


    I have been reading our article on modernizing javascript and was wondering are you slowly updating all jQuery references inside Metabox to use this approach?

    I ask as alot of form fields e.g. datepickers use jQuery and would be cool for them to use pure javascript. Not sure of this is possible? or in the pipeline?


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    Long Nguyen


    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are still using jQuery code in some extensions and in the Meta Box plugin to use the jQuery extensions like date picker. Rewriting all the code by vanilla JS would take a lot of time but it is not impossible. You can send your feedback here
    and the development team will consider adding it to the roadmap.

    Nicholas Cox

    ah ok, yeah I realise that it would not be an easy thing to update, but just curious as you were talking about the topic of vanilla JS.

    Aaron Kessler

    A public roadmap is a nice thing, thank you Long!

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