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    Resolved netalys

    Hi ! Maybe I'm missing or misunderstanding something :
    I have a page with a shortcode like this : [mb_frontend_form id="my_meta" post_id="1234"]

    The form is displaying well but no data is populated at all, all fields are empty...
    Shouldn't they be filled with existing post data with post id 1234 ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Anh Tran

    Yes, the post_id param tells the plugin to pull data from the post with ID = 1234. I made a video on how it works here: https://www.loom.com/share/68cf865579464b43a021a82d2cf08f18.

    How did you register the meta box? With code or via Meta Box Builder?


    I registered it with code.
    You can look it here : https://wordpress-257420-909214.cloudwaysapps.com/test/
    It's a test page with only this shortcode : [mb_frontend_form id="firm-info" post_id="536"]
    This id is this post : https://wordpress-257420-909214.cloudwaysapps.com/firm/asb-group-czech-republic/

    All data in this post has been inputed from the metabox in wp-admin.
    The form is displaying well, but no data in it...

    If I put the shortcode in the post content, I see infos in custom fields, but for example if I add post_fields="title", the title is empty...

    Anh Tran

    If I put the shortcode in the post content, I see infos in custom fields, but for example if I add post_fields=”title”, the title is empty…

    Can you clarify this? I'm not quite clear.


    Sorry my explanation was bad...

    If I put this shortcode inside the post content (it's a custom post type named firm and post ID is 536) : [mb_frontend_form id="firm-info" post_fields="title"]
    Then here's what I got :


    As you can see, all my custom fields like Country, Phone, ... are filled but the title is empty.

    I've created a Test page with this shortcode : [mb_frontend_form id="firm-info" post_fields="title" post_id="536"]

    And here's what I got :


    No data at all 🙁

    I just can't understand why...

    And I think that by default, if post exist then it should make an update of the post. If you don't display title then it creates another post with no title and I think (it's personal 🙂 ) that it should update the current post or the ID provided in the shortcode, or at least add an option in the shortcode for example update="true" for people that just want to offer the client to update a post from the front but don't want them to create new posts...

    Anh Tran

    It's strange to me, too. Can you send me a temporary admin account to look at the problem closer?

    Updated: we have resolved the problem. Reason: the developer added a hook to change field value, which makes the fields always blank.

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