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    I have created some metaboxes for the home page. I am trying the following shortcode on the edit page
    [mb_frontend_form id='hero-group' post_type='page' post_fields='service_sect_heading' post_id='5'] where the form_id is 'hero-group" home page id is '5'. But when I click on the edit icon, it redirects to the normal post Hello World.
    So, my question is, whether the MB Frontend submission supports the static pages like home page or about page or only work with the post types and custom post types. Actually, my client wants to edit the content only from frontend and do not want to go in the backend. So, Kindly advise, if it is possible.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Vikas,

    The shortcode [mb_frontend_form] helps you to submit a new post (page) or update a post. So in your case, you should update the homepage on the page that has the shortcode [mb_frontend_form]. If you click on the Edit icon in the Frontend Dashboard, it will help you to edit the content of the post includes the shortcode.

    See more in my screen record


    Hi Long,
    Thanks for Reply. Actually on front end only the page title and the default WP Editor are available for data editing and submission. But no custom fields are displaying on the frontend submission Form. Kindly see the screencast.

    Long Nguyen


    There is a conditional logic that adds a rule to show the custom field only on the page Home. On the front end, you are on the page Frontend Dashboard to edit the content of the page Home, not the page Home itself so the custom field does not show up.


    Hi Long,
    Thanks for the reply. I have changed the conditional logic. Now the fields are showing on the frontend. But if, I edit the field values and click submit, a success message is displayed, but the values are not changes in the database. So, it is a bit confusing, maybe I am doing something wrong.
    But since I am short of time to complete the project. So, for the time being I have purchased the Livecanvas plugin, which is very easy and user-friendly for the clients, to edit the static pages on the frontend. So, I will give Metabox frontend submission a try in future and will get back to you, if needed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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