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    I am doing a business startup for a website and would like to use custom fields.

    I have nothing but gratitude for custom fields plugins such as Meta Box. I would like to use it on future projects.

    But I need to make sure that the CMS and custom fields solutions that I choose now will be supported and working long term for years.

    And this is my issue - I have no idea what the plan is for custom fields in general and hence Meta Box compatibility with WP for the future, say the upcoming 5 years.

    I dont seem to be able to find much info about a plan on the WP end.

    Today I did an in-depth search about what the exact plans are on WP's side for compatibility of custom fields and I have not been able to find anything relevant that is current.

    Could you please let me know what the plans are for Meta Box and WP compatibility?

    Both from your side and WP's side (if they have made you aware)?

    Can you give me any assurances that if I chose to use Meta Box and WP now, that say in 5 year's time the compatibility of Meta Box and WP will not end, due to WP eg cancelling the Classic Editor, only allowing Gutenberg blocks, etc? That my site will not break at some point in time?

    Thanks very much ahead of time.......

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi there,

    Thank you for paying attention to the Meta Box plugin.

    We created Meta Box in 2010 to help developers to create custom meta boxes faster and easier. Now, Meta Box is not only a library with a powerful API for custom fields but also a framework that helps you control your data the way you want and trusted by over 500.000 users.

    Nowadays, WordPress is the most popular CMS and used by 35% (and getting more) websites over the world. I think 5 or 10 years later, Meta Box still goes along with WordPress and custom fields which is the main part of WordPress.

    We also create more releases/extensions to compatible with the new editor of WordPress Gutenberg such as MB Blocks.

    So, in general, you could use the Meta Box plugin to create business websites with WordPress for the long term and get supported by us at any time if you need it.


    Thanks very much for your response 🙂

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