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Support Meta Box Builder Google Maps - problem. I thinks it's a bug.

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    I have two custom fields:

    Google Map Address (CF) - this is text type field
    Google Maps (CF) - which is map field with Google Map Address set as Address Field.

    API is working, when I'm typing I can search correct address, and find it on the map. At default map is not zooming correctly. After custom post update Google Map Address is filled out wit an address from API, but map is reseting to the default view (whole World), and the marker is placed centered but not in this place which I set in Google Map Adress.

    If you want I can give you an access to this WordPress installation. Just contact me.

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    After edit this Custom Post with those fields, marker on the map is placed on default position not an address set in Google Map Address Custom Field. In Metabox Views I can't render this map.

    Anh Tran

    Hi Donald,

    Can you open the browser console and see if there's any error there? I guess there's some JS issue that prevent the field from saving the value (as the map is reset to the default location, the value is obviously not saved). And because it's not saved, the Views can't render it.

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