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    Hello, I am creating fields group for unify the fiields in the database but when the fields is inside a group I can’t use it in elementor.

    I understand that is no possible use it if element is clonable, but I am talking about use it when group or field no is clonable. Is it possible?

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    Hello some idea for this matter


    Hello can help me please?


    Anh Tran

    Hi Clientes,

    Sorry, it’s not possible for both cloneable and non-cloneable groups. We are working on it, but until now, there’s no kind of drag & drop solution yet. The recommended way at the moment is using a custom shortcode to render the group and put it in Elementor.

    You might also can try to reach out to Didou Schol on Meta Box Users group on Facebook (, he developed a Toolbox extension for Beaver Builder/Elementor that works with Meta Box Group. He might help on this.

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