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    Resolved Roger

    I can search in the documentation but i will never find the answer. This isn't doable for non-coders.

    I have a couple a CPT "Leerlingen". In that CPT i have field groups. Basic info and progression.
    Basic info = name off the student. I can type the first and last name.
    I have multiple groups in Progression. In each group there is a button_group with the score.

    What do i want: I want a table with the first and lastname on the left and the button_group labels as header with the score on the line from the student.

    Please can you give me some directions what i must do.
    If i click on insert field then there is nothing cus it don't checks the CPT.

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    Long Nguyen


    When you create a template view for a post type, please choose the type Singular and location Post type. In the post field select box, you can click to insert a field of that post type. See my screenshot

    You can generate an HTML table with this tool


    I can see the archive but i wont get the information that i asks... Will try it on a other way 🙁

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