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Support MB Custom Taxonomy How can I restrict taxonomy choices when bulk editing custom posts?

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    I want to assign a category to a custom post. I created a custom Taxonomy in MB and assigned it to the post type. But I don't want Author/Editors to be able to assign the post they have permission to edit to one of these categories, just the admin. This was also no problem, I created a Custom Field Group and added the Taxonomy List to that and in settings so made visible only to Administrator role.

    So far so good. But I want to be able to select multiple posts and assign them to one or more of the categories. I can do that when bulk editing by starting to type one of the previously created categories and pick from the autocomplete list.

    But the problem is if I mistype when entering then a new category is created and assigned to all those posts. I only want to select from the previously created categories in the custom taxonomy.

    What I would like is a checkbox list of the previously created categories in the custom taxonomy to choose from. This should work in both bulk edit and quick edit much like standard categories that can be picked from a list to assign to normal posts.

    Is there any way to configure this?

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Hartsook,

    You need to check the option Hierarchical? when creating/editing the custom taxonomy to show the taxonomy like the category. Then it will show the checklist when bulk editing.

    See my screenshots below:


    Boy that's wonderful, just what I needed, works great!

    One suggestion, out of all my dozens of client sites I very rarely find them using Tags. But everyone uses categories. I overlooked that one checkbox on the settings (I usually just start with default settings) since it was buried in the middle of the list.

    Maybe it would make sense to have that hierarchical selection set as the default?

    Thanks for your help and the useful screenshots.

    Long Nguyen


    We use the setting value base on WordPress documentation So this setting has value false as default.

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