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Support MB Custom Taxonomy How to access custom Taxonomy Terms list?

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    If a custom Taxonomy is attached to a Post Type from within the MB Taxonomy edit screen:

    then it shows under that Post Type as a taxonomy, as expected:

    But if it's just attached to a Post Type from the MB Edit Field Group Settings, then it doesn't (which does make sense!)

    So, How should I go about finding (or telling my clients to find) the custom Taxo Terms list screen?

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    Anh Tran


    The fields (field group) is a set of custom fields. Setting them for taxonomy "Contact" just mean when you edit a contact, you'll see a list of fields.

    It has nothing to do with where the terms contacts are.

    To find the all terms, you need to go to where you register the taxonomy to see which the post type the taxonomy is attached to (like in your first screenshot). And then find all terms under the post type's menu.

    See this screenshot:

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