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    Before creating a new topic

    Before creating a new topic, please do a search for the problem you're having. There might be a chance that other users had the same problem and it's already resolved.

    If you found a topic that has similar problem, but see it's already resolved, you still can add your comments on that topic. Resolved status is still open for discussion.

    If your problem is not related to custom fields and Meta Box, it's better to find a solution via Google or StackOverflow. There are many good answers on StackOverflow.

    Important: Always update plugins to the latest versions. Some bugs might be fixed already.

    Creating a new topic

    To create a new topic in this support forum, please select a forum for a specific extension on the right sidebar first. Then at the bottom of the screen, you'll find a form to create a new page.

    And please write the topic title clearly and specifically. And add as much as possible details in the content, so we can resolve the problem as fast as possible. Sometimes, you might need to post code that you're using.

    Debugging information

    It's best if you did some debugging first before creating a topic. There are usually 3 things you can debug:

    First: Deactivate all plugins except Meta Box and Meta Box's extension, switch to the default theme of WordPress (Twenty Twenty One).

    Second: the PHP error. To enable debugging mode for PHP, simply put define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ) in your wp-config.php file and see if there are any errors appear on your screen. To learn more about that, please see this docs. There are also related constants that help you to log the error, which might be useful in some cases.

    Third: the JavaScript error. If you're using Google Chrome or Firefox, simply press F12 to open the dev tools. Navigate to the Console tab to see if there's any error. Here is a tutorial for this.

    If you see any error, it's best to include it in the topic content.

    Screenshots / Screencasts

    An image is worth a thousand words. By adding screenshots and screencasts in your topic, we can understand your problem faster and deeper and provide a solution quicker.

    We recommend using LightShot app for taking screenshot quickly. It allows you to take a screenshot, add some notes and upload it to a cloud and gives you a link to view the image. All in 1 click.

    If you're using Firefox, it has an amazing "Take a screenshot" feature, which you can use to take screenshot quickly. It also allows you to share the screenshot via an URL.

    There are other similar apps such as ShareX for Windows users (which I'm using since it allows me to get direct link to the image), Cloudup, Dropr, JumpShare, etc. Just use whatever you're comfortable with.

    You can also use the built-in "take a screenshot" feature on Windows and Mac. And in that case, you need to upload image to a host and paste the image link to the topic. We recommend using Imgur for uploading images. It's free and has no limits.

    For screencasts, we recommend using Recordit app to quickly record a screen and upload to the cloud and share a link. Some apps above allows you to take both screenshots and screencasts. So, just use whatever you like.

    Private website info

    Sometimes, it's hard to fix the problem with just too little details about your system (website, hosting configuration, etc.). In that case, we might need to access to your website to fix the problem for you.

    If you want us to take a look at your website, then please send the website info via contact form. It's not safe to put the website info in the topic content, since the forum is public to everyone.

    That's it. If you have any question, please leave a reply below.

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