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Support Meta Box Builder How to filter post select field by metabox custom field?

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    Resolved Rick

    I have 3 post types Book, Author, Character.

    I have characters that have a value "author" which is tied to an author post.

    Then I have a book post type, which is tied to an author through a post field. It also has a character field which is a post select field as well. I would like to limit that character dropdown showing on the books page to only those characters that are assigned to the same author as the current book. Is that possible? I tried everything possible I could think of in the Query values in the advanced tab, but couldn't get anything to filter it.

    Any help would be very appreciated.


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    Anh Tran

    Hi Rick,

    I think that can be done with some code. Meta Box Builder couldn't help building complex queries.

    This is a pseudo code that can help you to start with:

    You might need to change the query to get the proper characters for you.


    Thanks Anh, I'll give it a shot.

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