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    Ok, so I'm feeling pretty dumb. I've been working online since 1994, and not much fazes me, but I have NO CLUE how to make Meta Box work in my site.

    I have it installed (Meta Box and AIO).

    I created a post type—Live Events.

    I created a custom field set for events that includes a date-time picker, a duration, and two URLs.

    And...nothing. Nada. No idea how to see those custom fields or edit them. I don't see a drag and drop anything.

    I've looked through the documentation, and I don't see a quick-start guide, or a simple how-to of steps. I feel like I have a ton of power waiting, and I have literally zero idea on how to make use of it.

    I also searched the forums. And it may be related to the permalink (I'm working on a staging site), but that was supposed to be fixed, and since I'm flying blind (because I can't find anything on how this SHOULD work for me when starting), I have no idea if I'm experiencing a bug or my stupidity.

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    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for reaching out.

    To get started, please follow this documentation

    If the post type and custom fields do not show on your admin dashboard, please share your site credentials via this contact form I will help you to check the issue.

    Anh Tran


    We've just uploaded a getting started video for premium users on Youtube:

    Hope that helps you save time working with Meta Box.

    PS: It's also added to our quick start guide here:


    Long Nguyen


    The meta box and custom fields display as well on your post type Event, screenshot

    It displays on the side, you can change the position of meta boxes in the tab Settings > Position, screenshot


    I experience the same thing as the author of this post.
    You sell your product as a no-code brainer things but all the documentation is related to codes.
    I think I missed something.


    Excuse my English, I speak Spanish!
    I also have the same problem, I followed exactly the steps in the video.

    I am reading the documentation and I do not see something related.
    Am I missing something too?

    I hope that the support is fast!

    Kind regards,


    Long Nguyen

    Hi Ulysse and Andy,

    Thank you for using Meta Box!

    Can you please let me know which step you stumble in? Please share some screenshots when you do that. It will help me to know your situation.



    Yes, I send you a video


    Long Nguyen

    Hi Andy,

    Please go to Admin Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > Re-save permalink settings to flush the cache and check the permalink of the post type proyecto again.

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