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Support General How to - Horoscope Monthly and Weekly / 12 zodiac sign with date field.

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    Resolved erobus


    There will be posts named Monthly and Weekly and i will need to seperate them. ex. Monthly Pisces Horoscope / Weekly Pisces Horoscope. 2 menu on site Weekly and Monthly. Nothing to do with archives, archives should work the proper way.

    How to do it? Create 2 post type? Nested something? Any other way?

    For zodiac signs i think i will list them under Zodiac Signs taxonomy with thumbnail and date fields is ok.

    How can i achieve this and which extensions from metabox will be good to have.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Erobus,

    The monthly horoscope and weekly horoscope might have different content so I think you should create two custom post types to separate them. Use the extension MB Custom Post Type to create the post types easily, get more details on the documentation

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