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    Hello, I know how to put the meta value in elements but I want have the custom filds in the elementor, for example I can edit the title and post status form elementor but I can't edit the custom fields, I want can edit the custom fileds for the post in my Elementor. is it possible?

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    Anh Tran


    Unfortunately, the front-end editing of custom fields is not possible for Elementor. We have an extension MB Frontend Submission, which allows edit posts and custom fields on the front end. It works via an shortcode that you can put in Elementor. But that's a different approach.


    Hi Anh, thank you very much for your answer, i am very hapy for your support. Only for confirm. I mean, can't I edit custom fileds in global setings of elementor, please see my image.

    I am imgining put in this section the cutom fields created with

    View post on

    Anh Tran


    You're right. You can't edit the custom fields in this screen in Elementor. It works only for some basic post fields.

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