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Support General How to view subcategories only from the parent category?

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    Resolved Roman Kartulin

    Hi! I enjoyed searching, but English is not my own language for me .. Therefore, I did not find the solution of my easier question ..
    I am a novice in WP and Metabox... I know a little PHP and OOP
    The problem is:
    1) There is a BMW heading (this is a BRAND taxonomy)
    2) There is also X5 (taxonomy or Fields?? MODEL)
    3) I would like to be able to choose a BRAND when filling out the news first ... and only then all MODELS of this brand appeared in the next field ...
    4) And if you add a new model - it must contact the BMW brand ...

    I'm a little confused how to organize it correctly (either through taxonomy rubrics, whether taxonomy tags)?
    Could you give me an example (I suspect that you need to use Callback)?

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    Roman Kartulin

    view only parent tax
    Part of the problem - I decided ...
    I managed to withdraw only parent categories ...

    Now it remains to withdraw all the inherited sub-categories from the parent =)

    Roman Kartulin

    child_of don't working...

    Roman Kartulin

    God ... what a nob =)
    I reread once again the documentation is simple and accessible
    You are super guys Metabox!
    Close Topic =)

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