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Support MB User Profile Huge Performance hit with MB User Profile?

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    Andrew Tatum

    I did a video from New Relic showing data that shows Meta Box's User Profile plug-in causing some serious performance degradation and multiple server alerts throughout the day. I'm a little upset that the only way to get support is via a public forum, and I'd rather not share that video since it contains sensitive information. So, now I'm really starting to regret Meta Box because of their serious lack of support options. In any case, what's the best way to proceed so I can securely share the video and so you could investigate this issue a bit further?


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi AJ,

    You are welcome to share private information via the contact form
    We also mention this in the support policy

    We do not support via email. Our contact form is used for sending private info (in case users don't want to public it in the support forum), refund requests and cooperation suggestions.

    We want to users create the topic in the public forum because Meta Box works like a framework. There are a lot of cases to use Meta Box to build your WordPress site and it would be better for other customers to search and find the solution in the public forum instead of creating the same questions.

    Please share your video via the contact form, I will check the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

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