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Support MB Custom Taxonomy I NEED URGENT HELP: Custom Taxonomy View and Filter

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    Resolved Md. Wasim Firoz

    Hello, How are you doing? I need your urgent help to understand and fix my problem.

    This is what I want to achieve -

    1. Taxonomy for Book Author section
    2. While Adding Books or Products using woo-commerce, Added author names using taxonomy will be displayed
    3. View the term page where all the added books or products will be displayed if that term has a count greater than 0

    This is what I did -

    1. Created a custom taxonomy named Book Author
    2. Created a custom field named Author Image which is being assigned to the taxonomy
    3. I am able to add a new author using the taxonomy page
    4. Post Type is Products for the custom taxonomy
    5. I can see and add new author on the product page

    Now here are the issues and few things I am confused about -

    1. The view page for the term is not working (404 error)
    2. Do I need to add code on the functions.php page for the taxonomy though I am using the Meta Box AIO plugin (I am an LTB user of all extensions)
    3. How can I display all the authors on a page?
    4. How can I view all the books or products for each author?
    5. How can I display the data of a term on the product page?

    Please help me out since I am new to Meta Box! I am definitely missing out on something important here. I am going to use Metz Box extensively in many upcoming projects. I'll be waiting for a great solution. Thank you

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Wasim,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    We have a series of article which helps you to create CPT and taxonomy pages. Find it here

    Let me know if it helped.

    Md. Wasim Firoz

    Hello, I badly need your help on this! Your link explains a lot but I don't think I need to get all those done since I clearly explained what I want to achieve and what I did.

    Please answer some of my questions first so that I can play well and feel confident about using this awesome MetaBox plugin.

    Please read my first post again - don't get mad at me!

    I am using WooCommerce and I already have the Product CPT which comes with WooCommerce so why do I need to create a new CPT?

    For each product, I am able to select the author. Check the screenshot here -

    Now the View Page of the Term of that Taxonomy is not workinng -

    Please help me out and it's very urgent for me. Thank you

    Md. Wasim Firoz

    Hello, just to let you know that I used Pods and ACF Pro. I used to get a few things done using a template but I am a new user of Metabox so I am sure I am not doing few things right. Please help to follow the right step as I planned to use Metbox extensively for many things. Thank you

    Long Nguyen


    Please go to Admin Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and re-save the permalink settings (Post name) to flush the cache.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Md. Wasim Firoz

    Hello, it worked! Thank you so much. That means I did everything right but it was only the permalink settings.

    One problem solved 🙂

    Now to the next ones which are -

    1. How can I display the author details on each product page?

      For each author, I have the Author Name, Author Image, and Author Description.

    Should I create a View Template for this? Could you please guide me to a step-by-step process?

    1. Now I want to display all the authors on a single page

    Do I need to create a custom archive page template? If yes, how can I achieve this using Metabox? Please let me know when you get a chance. Thank you.

    Md. Wasim Firoz

    Hello, I just wanted to make it clear what I am aiming to achieve -

    Every product has now the custom taxonomy selected. For example, a Book Product Named "ABC" has the Author "Mr. Robert" selected.

    The Author Taxonomy has multiple terms Autor name, Author Image, Author Description

    Now when someone will view the ABC books page the Autor name, Author Image, Author Description will be displayed anywhere on the product page.

    How can I achieve this?

    Please give me suggestions or any proper example how can I achieve this? Thank you

    Long Nguyen
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