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Support MB Custom Taxonomy I NEED URGENT HELP: Custom Taxonomy View and Filter

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    Md. Wasim Firoz

    Hello, How are you doing? I need your urgent help to understand and fix my problem.

    This is what I want to achieve –

    1. Taxonomy for Book Author section
    2. While Adding Books or Products using woo-commerce, Added author names using taxonomy will be displayed
    3. View the term page where all the added books or products will be displayed if that term has a count greater than 0

    This is what I did –

    1. Created a custom taxonomy named Book Author
    2. Created a custom field named Author Image which is being assigned to the taxonomy
    3. I am able to add a new author using the taxonomy page
    4. Post Type is Products for the custom taxonomy
    5. I can see and add new author on the product page

    Now here are the issues and few things I am confused about –

    1. The view page for the term is not working (404 error)
    2. Do I need to add code on the functions.php page for the taxonomy though I am using the Meta Box AIO plugin (I am an LTB user of all extensions)
    3. How can I display all the authors on a page?
    4. How can I view all the books or products for each author?
    5. How can I display the data of a term on the product page?

    Please help me out since I am new to Meta Box! I am definitely missing out on something important here. I am going to use Metz Box extensively in many upcoming projects. I’ll be waiting for a great solution. Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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