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Support Meta Box Builder Image field ‘required’ not working

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    I’m using the builder to set up a Image field, and checked the ‘Required’ checkbox. However, the user is still allowed to submit the form, even though no file was chosen while filling the form.

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    Long Nguyen


    The field image as the same as field image_upload so please use the field image_upload instead of image. I’m going to discuss with the developer team to cover this case.

    Thank you.


    Based on metabox docs, I am unable to use other forms of image fields (e.g. image upload, image advanced, single image) because they all require user permissions (i.e user needs to be logged in). My form is used on the frontend before a user is logged in and does not have any edit capabilities.

    Ok, hopefully the dev team solves this bug soon, because setting ‘Required’ to the field has no effect at all. I see that the code adds a data-required attr, but it should be adding a required attr.


    I have also tried making use of custom attributes to set attributes.required – this has no effect on the generated html form.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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