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    Quick Version: Can I create a settings page that links to Astra Customizer settings?

    Long Version: I am building a multisite theme that I want to simplify for end users. Instead of having them go into themes > customizer > layout > site identity > logo (etc), I just want to have one settings page with tabs for the settings they will need to change.

    So far I have created the settings page, with the following tabs:

    Header | Footer | Content | Social

    I then created a custom field in Builder for “Logo” and added that to the Header settings tab. How do I get customizer to use this field for the logo? Or is the only option to create a header with Beaver Themer, and then link to the metabox field from there?

    Can I link a bunch of astra customizer settings to the MB Settings page? For example, font, font size, font colors, etc? Or am I overcomplicating things by trying to make custom settings easier for my customers?

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