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Support MB Frontend Submission intermittent problem with submitting forms

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    Resolved Mary Anne Lavin

    I have four frontend forms on a website under development. Two will work, sometimes, two will not. I have confirmed it is not a caching problem. Nor a conficting plugin problem.

    The error log isn't helping me. Maybe you can make sense of it:
    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() wp-cron.php on line 111 and [wp_privacy_delete_old_export_files] => Array My understanding is that wp-cron typically sends errors when there are problems with the array. But I can't find any. I suspect you would need to look at the functions file, so maybe this goes to email. Thanks

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    Mary Anne Lavin

    No word on this yet, but maybe posting the code for one of the metaboxes will help. This creates a post upon "submit" sometimes. Other times, it returns with empty fields but when the page is refreshed a Form Re-submission error pop ups. If you select "continue" a post is created. Still, at other times, nothing happens after selecting "continue".

    This is the custom post type

    This is the metabox

    FYI: YAARP is a plugin

    Anh Tran

    Hi Mary,

    Sorry for the delay. I've looked at the wp-cron.php file at line 111 and see it's a WordPress code that loops through a list of registered crons. The another line of error wp_privacy_delete_old_export_files tells us this is a WP cron that delete old exported privacy files.

    All of that relates to the WP crons. I'll check your code in the email.

    Anh Tran

    FYI, I fixed the bug in the version 2.0.5 of MB Frontend Submission.

    Mary Anne Lavin

    I got excited about this too soon. The form is behaving the very same way.

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