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Support MB REST API Is it possible to create a Metabox Group type metabox through API?

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    Resolved Keen Limited


    I searched a bit around but did not find a mention or a solution to this. If this is currently not possible, what options do we have to create grouped metaboxes programmatically so end user can then easily edit from backend?


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    Anh Tran


    It's relatively simple. You just need to:

    • Send a POST request to the endpoint to update a post .
    • In the array of parameter sent to the server, add a field meta_box to store all custom fields' values, including groups.
    • Put array of group's value into the meta_box field. Remember to format the group value properly, e.g. an array of sub-field's value. In short, send the data in the format when you click the Publish button in the frontend.

    Then the plugin will handle the rest and update the post with correct value.

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