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Support General Is it possible to inline add a new record on a related post type?

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    I’m moving to Meta Box from Pods and one thing I’m curious about…

    In Pods, if I have a custom field that is selecting from a different collection, there is an option to add a new record on the related collection.

    Is this currently possible with Meta Box?

    Here are some screenshots from Pods:

    When adding a custom field in Pods, I can choose to allow new records to be created on the related post type. For example, on my custom post type of Projects, I added a custom field called Project Manager, which allows me to select an entry from the custom post type called Project Manager.
    pods allow add new

    Then when adding/editing a Project, if the Project Manager is not already in the Project Managers collection, this button opens a modal to add a new Manager right away so that it can be related to the Project I’m currently editing (without having to actually leave the Project edit screen)
    pods add new button

    Sorry if this is too confusing. I can try to explain better if needed.

    If this is not already available in Meta Box, If you could at least point me in the right direction for where I would begin adding a feature like this myself, that would help too! Thanks!

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    Ben Wills

    I just came to the forums looking for this as well. I’d love this feature too.

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