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Support MB Custom Post Type Is possible to create pages with a custom post type ?

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    Resolved virgile

    Hello there !

    I am using MetaBox in order to implement a kind of dynamic page categories.
    My code takes a list of "category" and for each one create a post type depending on some specific attributes (like slug, enable/disable switch, name, etc...).
    The thing is the themes we are using are homemade and are only made for WordPress pages and not posts.

    Then, is there any way to use the custom post type feature to create "page types" (kind of) instead of post types ?

    It would prevent us to do a big rework of our themes and custom fields (and potential data migrations).

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    Long Nguyen


    The page is a post type as other post types (default) of WordPress.

    So I think the theme only supports showing/working with post type page instead of other post types. Please contact the theme's supporter to ask for support post types in that layout.

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