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Support General Is there a way to get a metabox id from a field id?

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    Dear Metabox Support,

    I have several frontend metabox forms that are being used to update/store user data, and I want to be able to see which fields have changed with its corresponding form every time a user submits this form.

    Right now, I'm using the rwmb_after_save_post hook, but the get_post_meta() function only registers the fields that are not empty and have been submitted. I am looking for all the fields empty and non-empty.

    I realize that I can use the $meta_boxes = RWMB_Core::get_meta_boxes(); to get all the metabox fields and iterate through them to see which have changed, but I was still wondering if there is a way to get a metabox id from a field id because I wouldn't have to iterate through every field every time.


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    Truong Giang

    Hi there,

    We are discussing about this. Probably, we will store meta box id to field data. Please wait the good news from us. Thank you.

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