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Support General ISSUE: White screen when returning to image editor

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    I also posted this issue on github including a screencast:

    Metabox version 4.18.4

    Issue Overview
    After scaling an image, closing the editor and opening the editor again, a white screen appears. I am using the "image_advanced".

    Steps to Reproduce (for bugs)
    Start editing a post.
    Click the pencil icon to start editing an image.
    Click the "edit image" button"
    Scale the image
    Click the 'scale' button
    Close the edit screen
    Click the pencil icon to start editing the same image
    Click the "edit image"button
    A white screen appears.
    Browser: chrome and firefox.

    Expected Behavior
    Continue editing the same image.

    Current Behavior
    A white screen. When the page is saved after scaling the issue is resolved. The cropped image can now be edited. Also when leaving the editor by clickick 'cancel' instead of the closing 'X', the problem does not occur.

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    Anh Tran


    Thanks for your feedback. I saw the issue on Github but don't have any clue what that happens. I'll keep checking it.



    Did you succeed to reproduce the issue?

    This happens to me at all sites I run using the metabox plugin. Maybe good to add that the problem only occurs when I close the window using the "X", and not when I click on "cancel".

    Right know I have to explain this workaround to all users of our sites. Any idea on how and when this issue can be fixed?

    Thanks in advance,


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