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Support MB User Profile Issues with shortcode

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    Resolved Ulysse

    I have meta box with Metabox AIO (so User Profile included).

    To underdtand how it works, I try to follow this tuto:

    My first issue is that the shortcode mb_user_profile_register id="meta-box-id" label_submit="Register" confirmation="Your account has been created successfully." does not work.
    I have no error message, it's just not recogniszed.
    The same issue with
    mb_user_profile_login label_submit="Submit" label_remember="Remember" label_lost_password="Lost Password?" confirmation="You are now logged in."
    mb_user_profile_info id="meta-box-id" submit_button="Submit" confirmation="Your information has been successfully submitted. Thank you."
    mb_user_profile_info id="default-fields"

    So, do I have to install something before using this shortcode?

    (for your information, the other shortcodes of the plugin like mb_frontend_dashboard edit_page="124" work).

    Thank you for your help.

    (I removed the "[" in the shortcode to publish the post)

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    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Did you create a meta box and custom fields for the user? You can use the Builder to do that, screenshot

    Then the shortcode would be:

    [ mb_user_profile_register id="user-meta" label_submit="Register" confirmation="Your account has been created successfully." ]

    I did.
    Have a look at my test page:


    Finally it works.
    In fact in your documentation, you say several times that if we don't specify the "id", the default profile is displayed, but it's not.

    1. here:


    Go to the Page menu > Add New to create a new page and name it is Register Page. In the content section of the page, insert this shortcode:

    mb_user_profile_register label_submit="Register" confirmation="Your account has been created successfully!"

    id Meta Box ID(s), separated by commas. All fields from meta boxes will be included in the registration form. If not specified, it shows the default registration form.

    1. To change the password in frontend, it's the same.

    The Password field is created automatically by MB User Profile with ID is rwmb-user-info. Just insert it to the above shortcode.

    However, as the user’s routine and my opinion, we should make an individual page for these fields. It is where users can change the password as well.

    So, I create a new page named Change Password and use the same shortcode with the User Profile page.

    mb_user_profile_info id="rwmb-user-info" label_submit="Save Changes" confirmation="Your password was changed successfully!"

    It does not work. We have to create the metabox.

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