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Support General Kinda confused transitioning from ACF

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    My setup now is Oxygen, ACF Pro, Theme Code Pro and of course CPT. I'm not well versed in PHP so Theme Code Pro helps a lot by automatically generating the correct PHP parts. For instance, I need a single line of text on the site home page, Theme Code Pro would generate

    <?php the_field( 'call_to_action_text' ); ?>

    In Oxygen I add a Code Block with the above PHP code on the page where I want the text to appear.

    From the WP Dashboard > Pages > "Home" I see a single field, add my custom text > Publish and that text appears on the page.

    I'm stuck trying to figure out how to replicate this using MB though. Does MB auto generate PHP, if so where do I find that?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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